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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chorizo breakfast & Snow

Received a care package from my mother filled with goodies. Actually, it was a large box. My Mama has always been good at sending me care packages all the way back to my college days in Santa Barbara. I can't believe I'm almost 50 yrs old and still receiving care packages from my mom. Mom lives in So Cal. I live in Southwest Colorado.

When I was in college she would always send me her home made salsas, tortillas, tamales & tortillas. You know the bare essentials for mijito. Her latest box contained several pounds of chorizo and two dozen tortillas, food products that can only be found at the carnicerias (meat markets) of East Los Angeles.

Man, they were good. Struck me to the core of where I came from and my childhood meals. There is no cooking like Mama's cooking! Kids loved them, too.

I've always said the way to my heart is through my stomach. Have to fend for myself since I've not found any good authentic Mexican food in Colorado.

Here I sit in my dining room looking out through my window at the 28 degree weather & watching the snow fall.

Man, I'm leap years from my childhood in East Los. Life is good. The family I have now is my fairy tale ending. I don't deserve them. Have learned how to love & be loved through them, especially my wife. I thank God for her.

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  1. You are right... nothing better mother's cooking! Just as well I have a few ladies I call mother... that means plenty yummy food! Pity you never got to sample Aunty Elaine's cooking - SHE WAS THE BEST EVA!