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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Part of my motivation for writing this blog is to inspire. The holidays were always the hardest for me in my home. We had dysfunction, with all capitals, DYSFUNCTION.

Not everything of the Mexican culture is good. In a conversation with a "Hispanic"  psychologist, I was told about the role of males as that of machismo. Wiki defines machismo as "excessive masculinity." I don't believe machismo is culture specific. The hispanic psychologist continued, mujeres (women) played the subservient role as that of the virgin Mary. That was it?!? That's just how things were? Bullshit (with emphasis), I say!

It's because of people who believe or think in this manner that certain social norms are accepted. These particular social norms serve as the basis for, and set up beautifully behaviors such as domestic violence. Domestic violence (DV) sucks. I will say it again, Domestic violence sucks.

What about this? Men should live out their "excessive masculinity" in being responsible and loving  husbands  of their wives and Fathers of their children. Ever thought of that?

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